Exclusive: Amina Buddafly & Peter Gunz Joins Love and Hip Hop: New York Season 4

We all know that Love & Hip Hop Is making it way back to our TV screens soon right after Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ends. Mona is aiming to make this season back to its roots like Season 1, and 2. Season 3 was a little blah too many cast members, story lines all over the place.

Well It has come to my attention there is a few new cast members sneaking around filming. I received an email regarding The new cast. Someone who works on set of the show has put out a caption and video confirming in fact that Peter gunz and Amina Buddafly have joined the cast. K. Michelle has also left ATL to complete her album in NYC. She will be added to the New York cast, and this should be funny how she will act around the NYC cast. Saigon is also rumored to be joining the line up next season.

Peter Gunz was in  an American rap duo consisting of Sean “Lord Tariq” Hamilton and Peter “Peter Gunz” Pankey. They are best known for their song “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” which peaked at number nine on the U.S. charts.


Amina (full name Aminata Schmahl) and Jazz (full name Safietou Schmahl) were born in 1983 to a German mother and a Senegalese father. Their older sibling, Sophie performed with the group until 2006. Black Buddafly was discovered by producer/manager, Orrin Ennis on November 22, 2002.


“Tonight I shot my third episode for Love&HipHop NY at The Griffin NYC in The Meat Packing District of Manhattan. This scene was just a small get together with Corey Gunz, Amina Buddafly, Yandy, Tahiri and the newest addition from the Atlanta franchise, K-Michelle. There was definitely some tension. IDK Why but Tahiri was not with the cast. She sat in the back of the room with a stank look up on her face lol.
Then out of nowhere some guy from Jersey started dancing with Kay. And this wasn’t your regular 2 step. He was ‘bumpin & grindin’ all up on Kay. Nxt thing I know some other dude in need of veneres.. walks up into the scene dissing the other guy because of his fake jewelry he was wearing lol. Next thing I know he takes out about six racks ( six-thousand dollars) and the girls went wild snatching it out of his hands, then he goes up to the camera with the left overs he had “talking about this is how we do” blah blah blah.. Then the two guys continue to argue.. lmfao #iDied! KMichelle starts all this yapping about “You ‘swipping’?” *swipping=credit card scams* “Aint that what yall do in New York” Then everyone started going HAM..
I can’t give away too many details because of my contract… but next thing I know, the camera crew runs outside and apparently there was a fight between Cory Gunz and Amina Buddafly. SMH this is gonna be some mess”

  • Harry

    Always a big mess

  • lady p

    It already seems whack. I mean really Mona. U bring Peter Gunz back for what. So him and Amina cld possibly be the new stevie and joselyn. Lets face it, u got the same ol story lines with different ppl. I assume adding k michelle is so hhny don’t get canceled and u need a boost for ratings. Geez, u are creative but this ny scence is getting tired real fast. Onlh watced one episode and already the vybz not there.

    • vh1info