Joseline Talks About Her Debut Album




 Is Joseline the next cast member to release a debut album? K. Michelle’s debut“Rebellious Soul”, is set to shit stores next week.  So far, Joseline has released two music videos which “Mi Colta” and “Shotz”.
In the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine, she talks about working on her debit album with Stevie J and describes what the album will sound like.
On the sound of the album
[It’s] reggaeton, hip-hop, pop — I do everything. I sing and I rap in Spanish. Stevie got me doing everything in the studio. I love it, I’m excited that I can go from being a dancer to a pop icon. I’m actually a pop icon because little girls were dressing like me for Halloween. I thought they only dressed like Michael Jackson for Halloween. 
Working on the album
It happened so fast. One year, it’s only been one year. I met Stevie as a dancer. We went into the studio I did my first song in two hours and that song is amazing. … It’s fun but it’s hard work. Going into the studio with Stevie is not easy. He’s [got] three Grammys. He doesn’t make bubblegum songs. I have a harder time going into the studio with Stevie and making a song with him. I feel like with everybody else, I’m just “that b—-” but when I go in the studio with him he tells me “It’s not right, you gotta do it again.”
John Taylor of VH1access