Ramona Explains Why She, Karen and Carla Are Done With ‘Mob Wives’



It’s pretty much confirmed now that Ramona, Carla and Karen won’t appear on 4th season of ‘Mob Wives’ leaving only Renee, drita and Big Ang and so far two new cast members.
Well, Ramona is finally speaking out on why she, Karen, and Carla quit the show.  She was at New York fashion week and exclusively spoke to 4umf.com. She basically says that she fad a feeling  that producers of the show were to stir up tension among the cast members for ratings, also; adding a lot of lies were told.
“I like to get paid, and they don’t want to pay. That’s one of the issues, yeah,” adding that Karen and Carla wouldn’t be returning either.  Ramona then goes on to insinuate that the producers of Mob Wives weren’t always truthful with the ladies behind the scenes, and I get the feeling they were trying to stir up craziness 

, “I don’t feel I was forced, I felt like I was lied to behind the scenes. I was told a lot of lies, and then when me and the girls got together, it wasn’t true.”
John Taylor of VH1access
  • insecurious

    I understand being fed up with producers “stirring up crap”
    I believe “those who stir the shit pot should have to lick the spoon!!”
    Being stressed and having to defend your self for a pay check isn’t worth it!
    Just sad to see you ladies go!

  • mob fan

    Well you girls do what is best for you all.Im really gona miss seeing you 3..

    • vh1info


  • donna

    I understand what she is saying. Arguing over things that you didnt say. Being lied to & lied on. Having to fight in behind a lie. AAAANNNDDD NOT WANTING TO PAY YOU ENOUGH? WWWEEELLL, THAT DOG WON’T HUNT!

    • vh1info